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Problem using LS-Dyna in Workbench | Solver-Version not changeable

    • Werner Berlin

      Hello Ansys experts,

      my problem is that I would like to use LS-Dyna via Workbench.
      I can also drag the container to my main page and do the meshing.
      However, when I then go into the LS-Dyna specific analysis settings, I cannot select the solver version. The selection remains at Program Controlled. The yellow background indicating that input etc. is required remains.

      I have reinstalled LS-Dyna several times.
      Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

      In the videos I have seen so far, no input was required. The program-controlled solver version was sufficient.

      I use Ansys version 2021 R2.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      HI given that you have LSDYNA licenses it should able to solver directly from the installation, is this an acedamic version ? , can you able to check in the installation dir under win64 to see if you fnd any lsdyna_mpp or smp executables, if its not you may want to look for correct installation , the work around is to run the input file via LS-RUN as it might detect the solvers. 

      Cheers, Ram 

    • Werner Berlin

      Hello Ram,

      Thank you very much for your answer.
      I use an "ACADEMIC MULTIPHYSICS CAMPUS SOLUTION" licence on a PC with "Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard" as operating system.
      In the installation directory you can also find executable files related to LS-Dyna (see picture).

      In the main page of Workbench under "Help" and "Info on Ansys Workbench" the entry about LS-Dyna also appears (see picture).

      I hope the information is helpful

      Best regards


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