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Problem while sweep around axis

    • Marco Airoldi


      I'm attending the getting started class of Maxwell. The first exercise, when i draw a polygon curve and try to sweep it around the x axis, maxwell outputs an error even though i've input exactly the same values and followed the exact same steps. 


      The error is

      PARASOLID ERROR: sweep failed function PK_BODY_make_swept_2type PK_BODY_sweep_tool_self_int_c. 

      Body could not be created because of invalid parameters to sweepAroundAxis operation.


      Could you help me out please ?

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Marco,

      The training document example was using 2022R2 and before versions. There is a geometry kernel update update after 2022R2 version. Could you let me know which version of AEDT you are using?


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