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Problem with a simulation

    • hal_0

      I'm running a simple simulation model (following a tutorial) a disk running with a pin touching with pin wear occurring using Ansys 16.2.

      When I use the file sent along with the tutorial (file .x_t) figure 01, I can repeat the values ??and find a similar answer, among the vales of my interest is this shown in figure 02 (final volume, that is, how much material was spent).

      In Solidworks I exported the disk and the pin and mounted it in the same position as figure 03 when I run with the same settings I find the result in figure 04 final volume = 0.

      When inspecting the 3D model there is a gap of 0.01mm between the disk and the pin, if I decrease this gap to 0.001mm or find the pin on the disk, a sequence of warnings and an error figure 05 appears.

      I already changed Newton_Raphson Residuals from 0 to 4 as indicated in some posts to solve this type of error.

      If I change the friction coefficient from 0.25 (indicated in the tutorial) to a value below 0.2 it rotates, but still finds a value of 0.


    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ,nCould you add a contact tool (RMB connections>contact tool>initial information) and check if the status is closed. If not set the interface treatment as 'adjust to touch'. Also, change the contact formulation to Augmented Lagrange and newton ralphson option to 'unsymmetric' (analysis settings controls).nRegards,nIshan.n
    • hal_0
      Hi 1shan,nnThank you for your help.nnThen, I discovered a small problem in the files (in the way I imported the files to be more exact), for some reason I cannot explain if I use a Solidworks file (.sldams is a mounted file) direct import in Ansys Workbench, Ansys did not find answers as stated in the first post, but if I import using Solidworks (Tools \ Ansys 16.2 \ Ansys Workbench) Ansys is opened, and in Project Schematic a window is created with the name Geometry and if you connect the Geometry of this Geometry window of the Transient Structural window, Ansys works normally.nnI added the initial information and I see both Contact \ Frictional open (yellow) but the model runs and the Solutions is ok, I also used the other settings and it is working.n
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