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    • Behnam Mazdouri


      I have a problem with the license of Ansys Lumerical software.
      I am participating in a workshops. I was provided a workshop license for the duration of the workshop. I've successfully imported the license file in the Ansys license manager. (No problem with the license file, see picture 1) . Also, the license is a node-locked license, valid only to one computer.
      But my problem is: when I open Ansys Optics 2022 R2.4 and click on licenses (see picture 2), the software crashes and then its window will be closed unexpectedly. Do you know what's going on?

      What I did untill now:

      1. I have tried the previous version of the software but it is same.
      2. I have uninstalled the software and install it again but it does not work
      3. I've alos run it as an adminstrator, but it does not work at all



    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee

      @Behnam Mazdouri,

      1. Ensure that you are using only the workshop license file. 
      2. Remove the Lumerical preference.ini files from your computer. 
        • del %appdata%\Lumerical\*.ini
      3. Stop the Ansys license manager using the Ansys License Management Center web interface.
      4. Delete (move to a different location/folder) the "ansyslmd.lic" license file from the folder,
        • "C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\licensing\license_files"
      5. Add the license file that you received from Ansys Lumerical for your workshop. 
      6. Install the license file and Restart the Ansys license manager when prompted.
      7. You should only have the workshop licenses on your Ansys License Manager. 
      8. Try to open/run Lumerical on your computer. 

      Let me know if the above works. 


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