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General Mechanical

Problem with ANSYS surface to surface enclosure type.

    • tiagom1995


      I am currently trying to do a 2D thermal model. This needs to have a enclosure type: Perfect, however, ANSYS steady-state thermal refuses to run the simulation unless the enclosure type is set to "open". However, this would give me the wrong results.

      I have attached an image of the model.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      For the enclosure to be perfect, the sum of view factor for a surface should be = 1. This means that the heat radiating from a surface must fall on some other surface(no ambient radiation). Is that the case in your problem? Have a look at 1.
      " target="blank">
      and 2.
      " target="blank">
      Regards Ishan.
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