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Problem with connecting PC to License Server

    • Brendan Morgan

      Our group has a license server set up under hostname e6335, and I am able to connect to it with my pc in client settings. However when I try to start any Ansys product it can't seem to obtain a license. For example below is the error when I try to start mechanical apdl, it says the server isn;t responding despite it repsonding to the client utility? How do I connect?


    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Check the following file:
      c:\Program files\Ansys Inc\shared files\licensing\ansyslmd.ini

      I see from the error the specifications for SERVERS and ANSYSLI_SERVERS are different.

      They should BOTH be pointing to e6335

      Also, verify Firewall exceptions on the License Server:

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