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Problem with convergence for a static/structural simulation

    • ZGL1

      Hello all, I have been trying to get this model to converge to a simulation for quite some time. I have tried various boundary and contact conditions. I had some gap issues when I ran the contact tool's initial information, and so I modified the geometry such that the inherent gap was small enough that I would not receive the red/orange "errors" that was indicated as an issue. However, I am still unable to get the model to converge.

      Note: The applied load is a rotational velocity about the z-axis (in/out of page). The two bodies are joined via a bonded connection. Ideally, I would like to change this to a frictional contact, but wanted to keep it simpler for now.

    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee
      Hi ZGL1
      Try using 'Pinball Region' ( refer to this link for more info - Advanced Settings (
      This option enables you to specify the contact search size, commonly referred to as the Pinball Region. Setting a pinball region can be useful in cases where initially, bodies are far enough away from one another that, by default, the program will not detect that they are in contact. You could then increase the pinball region as needed.
      In general though, if you want two regions to be bonded together that may be far apart, you should specify a pinball region that is large enough to ensure that contact indeed occurs.

      Regards, Saumadeep
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    • ZGL1
      Hello Saumadeep,
      I appreciate your assistance. I realize I may have left a bit of confusion, the easily noticeable gap in the provided model is not the area of contact. My contact area is below:
      As mentioned above, I modified this gap until I was able to achieve an acceptable gap and penetration value in the initial information via the contact tool:
      So, I do not believe the contacts are causing my issues.
      Again, assistance is greatly appreciated!

    • dinhan0394
      What are the boundary conditions of the problem (as Displacement, Fix, ...)?
    • ZGL1
      Hello AnPham I have a fixed boundary condition placed on the internal ring and frictionless conditions on the adjacent faces:

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