problem with convergence

    • _1billy

      hello i have a problem with simulation a jet cooling , mesh is good and boundry condition is true i used k-omega sst and simple method with hybrid init , and i didint reach convergence can any one help me why this occurs with me ?

      here is

      1- res. curve

      2-temperture on surface which i want to cool it

      3-outlet temp.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Can you also try with a coupled solver?
      The solution does not seem to vary a lot, at least from the report definitions. I would suggest to check the flux report and if you have an experimental data, it would be good to compare the value.
      You could also try to lower the URF values.
    • _1billy
      hello rk thanks for help me , but i already used coupled solver and simple and tried to lower urf but there is no change , unfortunately i dont have experimental data , i know residual does not vary a lot but i think solution is still unstable . about flux report did you mean total heat transfer.
      i tried to solve with first order momentum and here is results

    • gerardsoldevilla99
      Hi. How did it end up? I am struggling with the same sort of problem, the residuals are not decreasing enough even with 5000 iterations or so.
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