Problem with Coupled 2-Way FSI

    • mohammedlaminemekhalfia

      Dear all

      I hope that this post finds you all well.

      I followed the ANSYS manual for coupled 2 way FSI, yet I find a problem.

      I would like to plot the displacement of the blade edge to time. The solution in Transient could not be transferred to the results in fluid fluent.

      Please advice on how to resolve the issue? I really appreciate it if we could go through without performing simulation as it take a long time.

      attached the picture showing the problem

    • Karthik R
      You seem to be using the System Coupling to transfer your Mechanical results into Fluent. Because of this, you cannot connect the Solution cell directly to the Fluent Results cell. Please have a look at the Reed Valve example on how to use System Coupling for your model.
      Add the System Coupling System (ansys.com)
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