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Problem with cutting geomechanical rocks v2

    • javat33489

      Hi all. I decided to write this post in a new thread. I am cutting geomechanical rock at LS-Dyna AST. When the cutter travels a short distance, the calculation freezes. And this happens because part of the rock breaks and flies away, and small particles scatter over a long distance:

      I tried to limit the emitted particles using the BOX function. But it doesn't work:

      Should the particles fly apart like this? Where is the mistake?

      I tried moving the cutter lower, closer to the middle of the rock. Then the cutting condition is better there. The cutter goes further, but only until a part of the rock is torn off:



      What can be done so that the particles do not scatter and the calculation ends normally?


    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee

      You need to examine the material model of rock in your model. The rock material needs to take account of the initiation of damage and the progression of damage.


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