problem with data recovery

    • lucaavv


      I had a problem on saving, last time i hadn't enough space on the disk, now i cant even open the old results, there is a way to get them back? I have the folder of 18Gb but seem like FLUENT can't see it

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      are you using standalone fluent or fluent in workbench?

      if you are using workbench, then please check the files in the folder as shown in image below. 

      if you are using standalone fluent then you may read previously save file and rerun it. 

      also please empty your %temp% folder.

      if you are writing .cas.gz then first it uses temp folder for writing zip files. many times this is cause of failing to write zip files. 

      please mark the post which helps you as 'is solution' to help others on forum. 

    • lucaavv
      Thank you
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