problem with example Bandstructure of a magneto-optical waveguide

    • lariv

      I am not being able to run the simulation example:

      I am having the following error:

      Warning:No data set was found for the result: ::model::bandstructure::spectrum

      Warning:The results from the individual stimulations of '::model::bandstructure::fs_detailed' are of different sizes and could not be saved.

      Error: line 25: Can not find specified member 'fd' in dataset 'null'

      Can anyone help me find the problem? I didn't change the file, just trying to run it.


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Thank you for bring this case to my attention. I tested and found that indeed the simulations gave the error messages. The cause is from this line
      size_fs =size(n1(2));
      it should be
      ?size_fs = size(n1);
      since "n1" is a 1D array.
      after the modification, I got
      Please modify it and see if it works for you. I will update online file later.

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