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Problem with fixed support during design point change

    • PiotrB45

      Hi everyone

      I am currently facing a problem during simulation in Mechanical by design points featue.

      Step by step of what I've already done:

      1.NX model creation

      2. Model upload to design modeler as prt file (O am working on academic bundle so i have cad tools)

      3. Setting parameters (checkboxing with "P")

      4. Mechanical : adding forces and fixed support on 4 vertices

      5. Running 1st analysis (everything is ok)

      6. Creation of a design point via parameters

      7. Running new design point (failure, only geometry mass is calculated)

      When I set new, created design point as current I see that fixed support is missing. Anyone has idea how to fix this problem?

      I can upload pictures of any step you want

      Thank you in advance

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      In your previous discussion you say that "Both vertexes and fixed support are missing in mechanical after I set calculating design point as current." Could you share an image of first dp (which works and which has vertices you set as fixed supports) and other dp (where the vertices are missing). What geometry changes are you making that modify these vertices?
      Regards Ishan.
    • PiotrB45
      DP1 (which calculates):
      Table of DP (after running calculations):

      (DP 2) The Setup component in Static Structural for Design Point 2 requires user input before it can be updated. For instructions on how to address the cell in its current state, click the blue triangle in the lower right corner of the cell in the Project Schematic. Set the design point as current to see the state at the point of failure.
      DP2 (which do not calculate)
      It does not matter which geometry parameter I update - it does not calcualate. As you can see, only fixed support geometry is missing. In this case I modified whole structrure height, which does not change position of vertices
      If anyone know how to fix this , please explain, I need to run this analysis for my diploma work :(
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