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Problem with fixed support

    • ggew

      Hi everyone!

      I want to solve this FSI simulation and I try to fix my model at the edge, but it don't solve. The elements that I use are 3D shell. The error message is the following:

      *** ERROR ***                          CP =     29.594  TIME= 19:02:27

       There is at least 1 small equation solver pivot term (e.g., at the UX  

       degree of freedom of node 1628). Please check for an insufficiently   

       constrained model. 

      The connections are ok because I checked them. I don't understand what I have to do to fix it.

      What can I do?

    • jonsoln
      Did you check which node gave the error? I would recommend duplicating the static structural analysis and replacing the duplicate with a modal analysis. Remove the pressure load and solve. This will show you any unconstrained rigid body motion easily.
    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      Thank you!
      Please check the following course and see if you find it useful:
      Topics in Modal Analysis - ANSYS Innovation Courses
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