Problem with Floating Point Exception in Dryer Simulation

    • Nelson Palencia

      Hi, I have had some problem with the simulation I am working on for a class final project where basically it always appears a error message saying "Floating Point Exception" and I have check the mesh as the boundary conditions, and I think there is nothing wrong so I would like some help.

      The project I am working on is a dryer where there is two inlets, one with air and moisture, and another with air, moisture and peat (pneumatic transport) so I used multiphysics, and discrete phases to simulate it.


    • Nelson Palencia

    • Karthik R

      Hello Nelson,

      • Do you get this error at the beginning of your simulation?

      • Are you Fluent in serial or parallel?

      • Do you have any UDFs loaded and hooked?

      • Please check the BCs of the various phases in your model. Perhaps you have an aphysical condition defined?

      • I see that you have some contact regions. Please make sure you have defined the BCs on them right.

      • Run 'mesh check' and ensure min orthogonality and max skewness are acceptable.

      • I'd also try to make the mesh conformal, using the 'share topology' option in DesignModeler or SpaceClaim, unless you specifically want contact regions for some other reason. It just makes modeling simple.

      Best Regards,


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