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Problem with Hydrogen mass fraction and contours in PEM Fuel Cell model.

    • AMR96


      I'm trying to run a steady state simulation for a 7 serpentine channel PEM fuel cell using ANSYS Fluent's PEMFC module. Currently I can run simulations but I can never achieve convergence as the residuals become constant after around 300 iterations and they stay that way with very little change. I also looked at the contours and none of them make sense when compared to the contours found in literature. For example the Hydrogen mass fraction contour presented below shows the H2 mass fraction decreasing initially but then it starts to increase again when reaching the out let. The same goes for the Oxygen contour on the cathode side. (The inlet is on the right side in all images)

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Can you please confirm and make sure you have set the boundary conditions right based on this section of the user's guide : 28.1.7. PEMFC Model Boundary Conditions (ansys.com)
      Also please make sure you are following the solution guidelines : 28.1.8. Solution Guidelines for the PEMFC Model (ansys.com)
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