Problem with ICEM mesh generation

    • akshaydey16

      Hello everyone,

      In order to create a good-enough hex mesh, which I couldn't do with workbench mesh controls, I imported the below spaceclaim geometry into ICEM CFD through linking. I intend to use this mesh for simulation in static structural. I am new to ICEM CFD.

      But, after linking the geometry to ICEM, the model geometry is coming as hollow, and only the surfaces get meshed without any volume meshing. Though the surface mesh is quite good, I was unable to get a volume meshing.

      Can anyone help in identifying the problem? I will be much grateful.

      Attached is the geometry

      Model geometry


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Why do you need a hex mesh? Also, staff are not permitted to open/download attachments so I have no idea what you're doing.

    • akshaydey16

      Thanks for your response.

      I have a geometry like the below, and I was unable to get a homogenous tetrahedral mesh with Ansys mesh controls with shared topology 'on'. Most of the time ansys hangs up and takes unusually long time, with a error message at last saying: on some blocks meshing could not be completed.

      The figure below is the hex mesh done using ICEM CFD. But, as I said above, after linking, the model is 'imported as hollow', so, it results only in a surface mesh, not a volume mesh.

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