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Problem with Initialization

    • Andrej Špiler

      Hello there,

      I have currently a problem with initialization in FLuent 2023 R2. In the simulation I use an UDF for brownian diffusion and fluid properties and an UDS for thermophoresis. Before we've made a benchmark verification without any fluid properties but just to check if the math works and it does. Then I've loaded the material properties to the simulation and it won't initialize it just comes into a loop and after two hours it is still initializing. I've tried with hybrid and standard initialization.

      Thanky you for your help.

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      Hello Andrej, 

      We are limited in how we can support UDFs on this Forum, but with the right information, we might be able to point to the right direction. Can you provide more details on how you are defining these material properties and UDS? Perhaps then, we or other contributors from the Forum will be able to help you.

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