Problem with Match control while using Cut-cell mesh


    • Rahul2020

      I am trying to simulate fluid flow in a circular geometry. As there is symmetry, I am simulating only a 15 degree sector (It is like a sector cut out from a full cake). I am trying to generate a mesh using Ansys Workbench meshing tool. My geometry has some complexities and a simplified schematic is shown below.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Cut cell is top down approach. It creates volume mesh first and then surface mesh. nPlease see help manual for more details about these commands. nSo Match control is not supported for cut cell. You will need to use patch confirming tetrahedron method.nPlease search through forum as it has many posts on periodicity. nRegards,nKeyurnGuidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning ForumnHow to access ANSYS help linksn n
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