Problem with Meshing of a thin conduction path – Gaps in Mesh

    • William

      I am attempting to Simulate a ring-shaped Coil with a Conductor going through the middle. I am looking for the mutual inductance between this conductor and the coil winding. However I am often getting an Error in calculating the conduction paths saying that the mesh of the source conductor is wrong. What I'm seeing is gaps in the Mesh of the winding terminal. (see attached screenshot)

      I don't know how to refine the mesh in a way that this doesn't happen and I really don't understand why the Mesher just gives up on keeping everything connected.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

    • Moritz Hafkemeyer

      Did you find a solution?

      I think I have a similar problem :(

      My Problem: Help request: Unexplainable error in calculating the conduction paths (ansys.com)


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee



      1. Are you getting any errors when you run the validation check? 

      2. Please share the screenshot of the initial mesh settings.


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