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Problem with periodic boundary

    • UnriseZ

      Hello everyone,

      Im trying to do periodic mrf simulation of windturbine, but match control isnt working as it should. Everytime when I choose low boundary on this option mesh fails there. When I try second surface as low it fails and first is ok by mesher. So the problem is that always low boundary in match control fails my mesh. Here is a link to printscreen what it looks like .



    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
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      Please make sure that faces are topologically identical. Also please use correct coordinate system.
      Please go through help manual for more details
      Symmetry Workflow in Mechanical (
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    • UnriseZ
      I solved my problem, about it mesh match control will not work without other coordinates systems if your axis of rotation is not Z. So if you want periodic on global coordinate system use Z axis as axis of rotation.
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