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Problem with point mass in Ansys Explicit Dynamics

    • Matteo Montemurro

      I want to do an impact simulation in ANSYS using Explicit Dynamics. When I remotely attached a point mass to the body surface, I encountered with an error: "Deformable behavior for remote entities is not supported in Explicit Dynamics systems. Please change such behavior to Rigid". But when i changed the point mass behavior to Rigid, another error occurred: "Could not transfer loads and constraints to the solver". What is wrong here? How do i do a simulation in Explicit Dynamics with a remotely attached point mass to body surface. Thanks in advance!

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      usually,Remote Point does not have Rigid behavior and it will be ignored by the Explicit solver during the analysis.

      but point mass can be either applided to the remote points and it should solves correctly , check your setup again 

      both point mass and remote point being deformable 

      both point mass and remote point being rigid

      cheers, ram 

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