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Problem with the ELOUT_DATABASE entry

    • javat33489

      Hi all.

      I enabled the ELOUT_DATABASE entry in ASCII:

      The elout file is created, but no writing is done to it, why? Also I don't see any binary file binout000 created. I need this for fatigue analysis. 

      I thought that there were no initial values and added two cards:

      But it did not help.

      Elout file is empty:


      Thank you.

    • Alex R.
      Ansys Employee



      To enable binary files you should chage BINARY flag to 3 in ELOUT_DATABASE. ELOUT_DATABASE only specifies the frequency that element data will be printed. You still need to specify which elements your ELOUT_DATABSE should include. To do that, please refer to the LS-DYNA User Manual VOL I and look at *DATABASE_HISTORY_OPTION.




      • javat33489

        Yes, I figured it out. I'm using HISTORY_SOLID_SET. Now the recording is on.

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