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Problem with the parallel processing of Multiphysic simulation

    • memo

      Hi Everyone,

      I want to run a multiphysics analysis using system coupling. The two components that are coupled are ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS Mechanical. These components can be run using multiple cores to perform parallel processing. However, I can only use two cores for the structural simulation using the system coupling. If I increase the number of cores in the solution settings of the ANSYS Mechanical ("my computer/Background"), the simulation won't start because of the error below:

      (DP 0) Could not connect to System Coupling Service on [email protected]

      I would appreciate any help that you can provide.

    • Stephen Orlando
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Memo, how many physical cores does your machine have? Note that if you have hyperthreading on the number of logical processors will be twice the number of physical cores. You can check the number of physical cores in Task Manager -> Performance.
      Are you able to run a Mechanical only simulation with more than two cores?
      Does this error happen all the time? or is it intermittent?
    • memo
      Hi Steve Thank you very much for your attention.
      The system is a Dell workstation. It has 64 physical cores. I can run the Mechanical only simulation using 16 cores (the university has purchased 16 licenses only). However, using the system coupling to couple the two components, I can only use two cores on the structural side. If I increase the number of cores to more than two, I get the mentioned error message, and the simulation won't start.
      Yes. It is a consistent problem.
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