Problems in lumerical INTERCONNECT circuits.


    • Ziyao Zhang

      I run a INTERCONNECT simulation, and got some problems. In the first picture, I have two signals (1 and 2), the powers are -17.83166054 dBm and -22.13051353 dBm respectively, and there is little atteuation at microring through ports. I simply connect the signal1 to the second ring (show as figure 2), and let the signal go pass through port, ideally I think the final output power 3 should be simply 1+2 which is -16.4592801232786 dBm. However, it is much larger than this value. Is it my fault or the INTERCONNECT went wrong? Much appreciate if you could help.

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, the optical signals in INTERCONNECT are coherent so you must add the amplitudes to account for interference effects, not the power. The power would sum if they were incoherent signals. The output here may not necessarily be equal to the sum of the power due to constructive or destructive interference.

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