Problems launching Polydata

    • Julen

      Hello Everyone,

      I am fairly new to Ansys and I have to use Polyflow for a Scientific Paper at my University. Sadly there isn't any help from the Uni itslef, so I am on my own (except for you guys).

      Here is my problem:

      I have a Geometry that I edit in SpaceClaim. Then I open the Meshing Application and generate multiple Meshes. No problem so far. As soon as I finish the meshing, I should be able to start specifying the boundaries for my simulation right? The problem is, Polydata won't start.

      This is what I the sofware tells me:

      So apparently Polydata is already running, but I can't see or find it anywhere. It doesn't show up in the windows bar, it doesn't show up if I open the task manager, so where is it.

      So my next try was to updat the solutions cell, which leads to the following error:

      The message is partly in german, it reads the following:

      Updating of the setup cell in Sim V2 OS (name of my file) failed. Cannot check coherence between mesh and setup: no dat file found.


      I am guessing this error pops up, because I tried updating the Setup Cell, withough having saved the Polydata Setup in the first place.


      Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Maybe I am missing something very obvious, but I am kind of stuck here and I would really appreshiate some help.


      Thanks in advance!


    • Benjamin Ducoeur
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Julen,

      I would suggest to save the workbench project in a directory without special character ($).   Then right click on the setup cell and reset it.

      I might also be worth to follow a training first and start to make sure you are able to open Polydata from an official mesh file.

      Or test with a simple cube.

      Best Regards,


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