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3D Design

Problems with a 2D analysis from a 3D model

    • MCK_Pandaleon


      I want to simulate a 3D object but only study it in 2D.

      I drew the model in 2d in Spaceclaim then added an axial symmetry in DesignModeler to take into account the 3D shape even in the 2D analysis.

      However I then get an error message : 'The /CONFIG,NOELDB command is not valid in Distributed ANSYS solution. Command is ignored.'

      I saw on multiple occasions that this could be solved by selecting a MidSurface in designmodeler but this won't work since the basic design file is a 2D drawing and the axial symmetry can only be added in the final stages of preprocessing when assigning materials and setting the analysis parameters.

      If anyone has to solve this please help!

      PS : in analysis setting I already changed it to a 2D type analysis.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      The message you shared is not an error. Please find the error message (use cntrl +F ) under solver output. You could follow this workflow step by step -
      " target="blank">
      - for performing a 2d axisymmetric analysis.
      Regards Ishan.
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