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Problems with coupled plasticity damage model for concrete

    • vaibhavtaranekar

      Hello guys,

      I am trying to analyse reinforced concrete under cyclic loading using the CPT model, however the solution does not run and always an unknown error obtained. Even though the solution runs while applying only axial load,but application of displacement in x direction results in error.

      Here are the snippet commands.






      MP,EX,MATID,25000 ! Define Elasticity Modulus (enter a value for E)


      MP,NUXY,MATID,0.2 ! Define Poisson's ratio


      TB,MPLA,1,,,DPC                    !Define Drucker-Prager


      TBDATA,1,31.368,36.074,3,1,40000,-40   !fuc,fbc,fut,Rt,D,sigVc


      TBDATA,7,2,0,2e-6,7500,2500         !R,gamt0,gamc0,betat,betac





      and following cyclic loading was applied

      Please provide some guidance for using CPT for cyclic loading of concrete.

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