Problems With Hex-Dominant Meshing of Fluid Body

    • Mr_fixit16

      Hello everyone,

      I am looking for some help generating a good mesh and was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

      Attached are screenshots of the best hex-dominant mesh i have been able to generate and the associated settings. The problem is the highly skewed elements between the fine inner mesh and the coarse outer mesh. I prefer to avoid tetrahedrons due to the large number of elements generated, however i do get a good mesh with tetrahedrons (based on skewness).

      It seems to me, the mesher should generate successively smaller hexahedrons to step down to the smaller elements, but instead it generates apparently random tetrahedrons and such.

      Any tips or advice here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

      Bad Quality Mesh

      Mesh Settings 1

      Mesh Settings 2

      Mesh Settings 3

    • Jimmyhan

      I need to see total structure in order to find where the problem comes from. By the way, I dont think hex dominant meshing is a good selection for boundary simulation.

    • Raef.Kobeissi
      Why don’t use the Cut Cell mesh method and the manual sizing function?
    • bozkuroz

      Were you able to figure it out?  I have been having that issue for years    I cant use cut cell mesh because the archaic opensource solver I have to use does not like cut cell - the cell growth is sudden in cut cell unlike hex or tet mesh 

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