Problems with Named Selections and data transfer FSI

    • sabin1010

      Dear forum,

      I am trying to simulate an airfoil in a free air stream with a Fliud Solid Interface model.

      To perform an estructurate mesh I have built several regions around the airfoil: in Space Claim I havent substracted the airfoil from the surrounding air, but I have extruded everything from the sketch. Then I have added more regions of top, I haven´t used planes to cut the regions because it would have been much more difficult. When I checked the geometry in SC, no failure was found. Finally I set the contact to share to be able to impose boundary conditions correctly.

      After having meshed successfully my model and set the Named Selections, I went to the set up module of fluent. 

      When trying to impose boundary conditions, it seems there are problems with two of the faces of the airfoil that I think the program does not know how to proceed with. What should I do here? I can not change them to wall, and they are missing from the airfoil wall. How should I treat them in Mesh interfaces?

      Besides, when I am in the System Coupling settings, I have many more fluid regions than solid regions and I don´t know how to deal with the creation of the data transfers. Ideally, I would have 1 fluid and 1 solid region, which would correspond to the same surface of the airfoil. Is it possible to group all the fluid regions in one?

      To sum up, my issues are:

      1.-Existence of interface objects in fluent Setup module maybe coming from a wrong definition of Name Selections/ geometry building. How can I deal with it?

      2.-Existance of many fluid regions for the data transfer pairing in the System Coupling tab that I don´t know either how to deal with.


      Thanks in advance and sorry for the long message

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