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Problems with the license of the student version of Ansys

    • yarykgv

      Hello friends,

      A few days ago I downloaded the student version of Ansys from this site -, and installed using the manual that was written on the same page.

      I needed to solve the problem of wing aerodynamics. I made a model, mesh, entered the parameters I needed for the calculation. But when I started the calculation, the program stopped with an error - "The solver failed with a non-zero exit code of : 2". In my project files I found an error file at the end of which was this -

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee

      The student version has a limit of 512,000 elements in total. Can you please check if this limit is not exceeded in your Model?
      You can also refer to this discussion and see if it helps:
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    • yarykgv
      Thanks for the answer. The day I wrote this post, I noticed this, and reduced the number of elements from 900k to 400k, but solver still didn't want to work. Today, when I saw your answer, I ran the workbench, checked the number of polygons again, ran the solver, and it started working! I honestly don't know what happened! Probably, restarting the computer somehow helped the program, because I didnÔÇÖt do anything else with the computer or Ansys.
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