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procedure to be followed to perform transient thermal-structura analysis on an I section steel beam

    • PEP_ELZA

      Hi @peteroznewman Sir,

      I have a confusion regarding procedure to be followed during above mentioned analysis.

      The problem statement is as follows

      "In the transient test , the beam specimen was loaded to 105 KN . While the load was maintained, the natural gas burner increased heat release rates following an arbitrary t-squared function ([4.5 250 t2 + ] kW ?1600 kW, t in min) to apply transient heating conditions to the specimen until failure occurred."

      Below given is the result graph obtained. Here TH,MW,LF etc are top flange,Mid web, lower flange respectively & this is a validation study.

      can you please sugggest a procedure to be followed while evaluating this?

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ,nCould you provide some more details regarding the objective of your simulation? Are you interested in performing a transient thermal analysis and then using resulting temperatures for a structural analysis. If yes you could check out this video tutorial
      You can also apply a time dependent heat flux condition by specifying a function as described in nRegards,nIshan.n
    • PEP_ELZA
      Thank you Ishan,nI just wanted to validate the time of failure, temperature distribution, and load corresponding to failure temperature. And the analysis is transient in nature. The video demonstrates steady state thermal analysis,n
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