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Product Installation Service Pack for German language OS described in the Discovery Forum.


    • wolfgang.geist


      our customer Icetronic has a serious problem with the activation of a 2nd client after a virus attack. They had to reinstall Windows and were also changing the hardware configuration. At the time when this happended they used the German version of ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim 2019R1. When trying to activate this version on the new machine they experinced following error message "..Unable to initialize FNE license object for activation". In the forum I have found suggestions for the problem fix, e.g. upgrade to 2019R2 or downloading the Product Installation Service Pack for German language OS". As they have no valid subscription agreement they have not the right to ugprade to new versions which may have solved problem nor there isn´t a downloadlink for the Service Pack available.  

      Can you check whether this Service Pack is still available or let me know of any other method how to fix the problem. We asked them also to test the manual process described in the forum. Maybe best approach would be to deliver a new version but this is a business issue we have not yet discussed. 

      Thanks and regards

      Wolfgang Geist

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ghost1246

      While I was not able to find the link of the service pack mentioned in the knowledge article on Installation issue with German language, it mentions another method of overcoming the issue by editing one of the files. I am mentioning those details below:


      Alternatively, you can also manually edit one file from 2019R1 installation to overcome this error. Below are the steps:

      In the file:

      ..Shared FilesLicensinglicadminscriptslanguagede.msg localization, it seems the %s entries where changed to %1 for the following localized string:

      mcset de "Processing %s file required by the %s file"

               "Verarbeitung der Datei %1 ist erforderlich aufgrund der Datei %1"

      These lines should be:

      mcset de "Processing %s file required by the %s file"

               "Verarbeitung der Datei %s ist erforderlich aufgrund der Datei %s"

      To correct the issue, after installation you must edit de.msg (right click on this file and open in any text editor for editing) so it reads %s and NOT %1. 


      After that, you must run this command from an administrator command prompt:

      "C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared Filesbinwinx64tclsh.exe" "C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensinglicadminscriptsLicAdminMain.itcl"  -silentinstallclient -release "2019 R1" -lang de 


      Please also confirm if there are any files in C:Program FilesAnsys IncShared FilesLicensingwinx64update.  If there are, move them to the winx64 directory manually.


      Can you please out these steps and let me know if it helps to resolve the issue.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Sent the service pack through Secure Transfer.

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