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Program is Very Slow

    • Christopher Kuzmickas


      I have been having trouble with the speed of my program. I have a very large model, and the model that I inherited had a lot of errors. I got rid of a lot of errors by deleting objects that I did not need in my simulation (I still have some but a lot less). My program is still very slow; moving an object just a couple of mm can take at least 10 seconds before it renders. I copied my structure file to a new file, and the speed drastically increased. However, I was missing a lot of my simulation objects. What can I do?

      These are my computer specs:

      GPU: NVIDIA RTX A2000

      Processor: i7 - 11850H @ 2.50 GHz

      RAM: 64GB

      Can I also dedicate more RAM to the program?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Christopher, which software are you refering to? This is Optics forum so I assume it is for SPEOS. if it is true, please provide your os version and software version.

      Lumerical's FDTD currently does not support GPU. Please be patient till it is supported.

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