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Programmatic EDB cell / scripted component in HFSS 3D Layout?


    • Imre Biro

      Hi There,

      The HFSS 3D Layout help has a single page about adding a programmatic EDC cell. Is there any other documentation, or at least a single working example on how to use it? The provided interface is not particularly straightforward.
      If I'm not mistaken it is calling .NET functions through IronPython, thus there is zero type information or any other pointer to make it work.
      I'm on 2022R2.


    • Aymen
      Ansys Employee

      A very convinent way is to use PyAEDT

      • Imre Biro

        Hi Aymen, thanks for the reply.
        I am aware of PyAEDT. My goal with the scripted component would be to have it insered in a design and, if my understanding is correct, update based on the code on parameter changes. E.g. create variable amount of primities.

        With PyAEDT (or the built-in regular scripting interface) I manually have to run the script to make those updates.

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