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Project Crash “An ExposureInfo instace was added”

    • Rhenie

      Hello everyone,

      I need help About an error on Ansys AIM Studen 19.0.

      I have created one project(CFD), it's working very well, But when I try to insert another Result (streamline) It doesn't work (my fault), after that, I excluded the Streamline and closed ansys without saving the project. 

      Today I tried to open the project but it showed the message " An ExposureInfo instance was added for an object with more than one display type. We need special code here to handle this case"

      How fix it?


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Rhenie,

      I would recommend to post your question under 'Physics Simulation' -> 'Fluid Dynamics' 

      You might get more response on there.

      Thank you,


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