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General Mechanical

Project is lagging a lot and “not responding” most of the time

    • Diane


      I am working on a 2D static structural model and I have recently been facing issues with my project. It has become very laggy and everytime I click on something ansys working is "not responding" for a while. It is also taking too long to open the project or to save it (can take up to 1 hour).

      I noticed that the file size it too large compared to the other models (1.3 GB) and more specifically the size of the "designPoint.wbdp" file in the dp0 folder is 740 MBs. I am surprised because the mesh density of my model is of only around 4000 elements.

      I don't know if this is relevant but I also have a lot of warning messages in my project (accumulated from previous versions of the model). Below is a screenshot of an example of the warnings I am getting.

    • peteroznewman
      In Workbench, click View and check Files then you can see the full list.nYou might find some files you no longer need and then you can delete them.n
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