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    • Twille

      Hello fellow Ansys users. 

      I am using Ansys for my Master thesis and i am thinking about getting a new computer since my current computer is running calculations

      very slow. I guess my computer (CPU: Intel N2840 2.16G , Storage: 32G , Memory: 2G) is simply not powerful enough for such calculations.

      Can anyone please give me a quick recommendation for what kind of CPU, Memory and Storage (or other appropriate characteristics) the new

      computer needs to run Ansys calculations with decent speed? I do not need some super high performance computer just one where i can 

      run my calculations on.

      Big thanks in advance and greetings from Germany  

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Twille,

      RAM is the first priority. Your current computer has less than the minimum of 4 GB that ANSYS requires. Since RAM is relatively inexpensive, put the maximum that the motherboard can support if you can afford it. My laptop has 32 GB of RAM. RAM is the best investment for reducing solution time. The only exception is if you are limited to the Student license. In that case, you can't solve a large mesh that would require a large amount of RAM.

      Fast storage technology is the next priority. You want an SSD rather than a HDD, but you also need a significant size. Start with 256 GB, but get 512 GB if you can afford the upgrade.

      Core count is the third priority. Get at least a quad core processor if you can afford it and make sure to set Solve Process Settings to use them.

      Make sure the Graphics card has an NVDIA or AMD chipset. Here is the list of graphics cards tested during ANSYS software development.

      Good luck, Peter



    • Twille

      Hello Peter,

      thank you for your answer that helped me a lot

      bye, Twille

    • Chand

      I'm updating my pc with a new graphics card NVIDIA Quadro P2200 5GB. I want to know that will it works, which is not tested by Ansys 2020R1

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If it's not tested we can't comment. If it's a really new card it may be on the 2020R2 tested list, but that won't be available for a little while yet.

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      It's tested only with RedHat but I don't expect issue with it on Windows.

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