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PSD spectral analysis and QR damped modal analysis with material dependent damping

    • mohamedbenamor


      does ANSYS support PSD spectral analysis done after a QR damped modal with material dependent damping (using MP,DMPR). in another form does the PSD spectral analysis support complex modes created by the QRDAMP ? if so the how to display the displacement results ?

      thank you

    • April Wang
      Ansys Employee


      I don't think spectrum analysis can take any complex modes created from modal analysis. It seems that even you set Cpxmod = real or off, it won't work. 

      See below ANSYS Help:  

      ANSYS Help, Mechanical APDL -- Structural Analysis Guide -- Section 6.2.2

      Use the Block Lanczos, PCG Lanczos, Supernode, Subspace method, or Unsymmetric with real solutions requested (Cpxmod = REAL on the MODOPT command) to extract the modes. (Other methods are not valid for subsequent spectrum analysis.)




    • mohamedbenamor

      thanks April,

      However i tried to simulate the same model with workbench and it worked, even with variating materials damping the PSD responded to these changes!

      so how is it possible to be able to include dependent material damping in workbench and not with APDL ?


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