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Pull – Out analyses

    • Suren Malumyan

      I am doing some research about CNT (Carbone Nanotube) or CF (Carbone Fiber) embedded in cement matrix. To investigate the bonding strength there is need to do Pull - Out analyses which is very difficult. What kind of video or lesson can help to understand this type of analyses in Ansys Mechanical. Thanks a lot.

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      I would recommend the Cohesive Zone Material (CZM) options for modeling delamination at a prescribed interface.

      See Section 4.20 of the MAPDL Material Reference Guide (R2023-R1).

      If necessary, you can also represent the concrete with one of the Geomechanical material options.

      Refer to Section 4.11 of the MAPDL Material Reference Guide.

      Refer also to some of the published example problems in the Technology Showcase Manual.

      Below are two that might be good for a start:

      Chapter 5:  Delamination

      Chapter 54:  Reinforced Concrete Joint Analysis

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