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Pull question

    • seghier


      I used pull in python script to create extrusion, and when heights changed the pull created based on the new height

      For example the solid have a height of 10mm, i want change the height to 15mm but with pull it became 25mm

      I used Rhino and extrude don't work like that, Is there a way to use pull based on the origin plane (0,0,0)

    • seghier
      I used this but any suggestions to make it better are welcome.

      import math
      zvalue = 12
      face_z = GetRootPart().Bodies[1].Faces[4].GetFacePoint(0.5,0.5).Z
      selection = Selection.Create(GetRootPart().Bodies[1].Faces[4])
      if zvalue>0 and math.fabs(zvalue-face_z*1000) != 0:
      anchorPoint = Point.Create(MM(0), MM(0), MM(zvalue))
      upToSelection = Selection.Create(SketchPoint.Create(anchorPoint).CreatedCurves)
      rename= RenameObject.Execute(upToSelection,"center")
      options = ExtrudeFaceOptions result = ExtrudeFaces.UpTo(selection, Direction.DirZ,upToSelection,anchorPoint, options)

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      I am not script expert. But while pulling make sure that you use same anchor or starting point.
      Regards Keyur
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