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Pump probe simulation using 4-level 2-electron material

    • WD W
      The model in the attachment is based on the official website model "pump_ probe.fsp" and added SiO2 (1.46)and metal (Al~Palik) layer.
          In the calculation, a pump at 532 nm is used for planesource, and  the probe is at 660 nm. In the modell, the reflection spectra from 550 nm to 750 nm are observed by sweeping the amplitude (2e6~4e6) of the pump.
         The sweep results have the following problems:
         1. In Figure 1(a), why does the intensity of the reflection peak fluctuates up and down with the increase of the amplitude of the pump?
          2. Figure 1b shows the reflection spectrum at the amplitude (3.75e6)of the pump separately,why does the intensity of the reflection peak abnormally increase at 3.75e6 (amplitude of the pump)?
          3. When the amplitude of pump is 2.0e6 and 2.25e6, the level population does not reverse in Figure 2(b), but the probe peak intensity increase abnormally near 660 nm  in Figure 2(a), why?
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

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