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    • Yadukrishnan Satheesan

      Hi all,
      Our institution has license for ANSYS R1 2022. I am working on a project that deals with corrosion-fatigue on structure and aims to develop a model that will predict the remaining strength of the corroded structure. I want to link machine learning capabilities to this project using python scripts. I am just wondering if I can collaborate the ability of python for parametric scripting to perform FEM on ANSYS R1 2022. I came across pyMAPDL that has been released by ANSYS. I know ABAQUS can link with python and do all this, but I just wanted to know if with the help of pyMAPDL I can do everything on ANSYS that could be done on ABAQUS?


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Yes, you can automate everything in APDL using pyMAPDL.

      Please check the following course to get started.


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