Python integration using conda environment

    • langrock

      Under Linux, starting a Lumerical module using the Python environment listed within the app (here, /usr/bin/python) works, but using Python installed by conda (in the user account) does run into a licensing error message. Has anyone else seen this and is there a way around it? I am asking since I'd like to use jupyter notebook or lab, which is using the conda Python environment, and not the system default. Weirdly enough, I hadn't run into this issue on a PC running Windows 10, even though I am using conda on that one as well.


    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      If you are going to you use your own installation of Python, you should add the path for this installation not our bundled Python3 installation together with the Lumerical install path variables as shown in this KB guide > . Or send a screenshot of the "licensing error message".  

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