Q3D: AC resistance inductance ACR/ACL execution error

    • bsr


      My Q3D AC Resistance/Inductance analysis is giving the following error. Could you please suggest some options to try here? Here SI-WAVE is used to transform ODB++ files to Q3D model. (The values within $$ are shortened to remove the computer name and project path. )

      [error] Failed to copy local file C:Users$Username$AppDataLocalTempspicelink_$Computername$_19032.pjt/acind.pjt/ensemble_adp.dat to file $ProjectPath$/Q3DVer2.aedtresults/Q3DModel1.results/DV326_S6_V349_P355_ASM.ADP/ensemble_adp.dat. Error: The system cannot find the file specified. . (7:21:09 PM Mar 09, 2022)

       [warning] Adaptive Passes for AC R/L did not converge based on specified criteria. (7:21:09 PM Mar 09, 2022)

       [error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. (7:21:09 PM Mar 09, 2022)

      I have noticed that a similar problem was submitted here but I cannot find a solution to fix issue on my computer.


      I am trying to perform ACR/ACL analysis with Q3D from an SI-WAVE imported model but it seems that Q3D is unable to perform the initial mesh failing with the error below (I have put $variables$ in the file path for readability):

         [error] Failed to copy local file $TEMPDIR$\spicelink_$Computername$_17632.pjt/acind.pjt/ensemble_adp.dat to file $ProjectPath$/$Project$/$Q3DSolution$/DV143_S6_V157_P192_ASM.ADP/ensemble_adp.dat. Error: The system cannot find the file specified. . (8:45:05 AM Jan 24, 2022)

      I am confused as other simulations like C/G DCR/DCL work fine with the same model. I have tried to adjust the mesh settings with no luck. Does anyone faced this issue? I am using Ansys 2021R2 on a Win 10 machine.



    • bsr
      Could you please share some thoughts here?
    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee

      It looks like your file name is too big to be supported by the OS. Save your AEDT project file in a place where there is a less folder hierarchy.
      Please try with increasing number of passes in a solution setup and see whether solution converge or not.
      Thanks Chinmay
    • bsr

      Thank you for the suggestions, but unfortunately the simulation reports the same problem.
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