Q3D Permeabilty magnetic material

    • Stephane Ngo Bui Hung


      I am currently modeling a planar Transformer in Q3D. I have a question about the ACL that is returned. Is Q3D taking in account the magnetic permeability? I simulate a transformer in open circuit (Source sink in primary, open in secondary). 

      When i change the core material, (from mur =1 to 3000), the effect on ACL is not revelant (1 uH to 4 uH at 100 Hz). 

      Thank you,


    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Stephane,

      Please note that the Ansys Q3D is a quasi-static solver and it does take the magnetic permeability of the material into account. There would be some issue in the simulation setup that is causing this effect. If you are new to Ansys Q3D then you can go through this video course for better understanding - Intro to Ansys Q3D | Ansys Innovation Course.

      Kindly let us know your end goal and analysis that you want to do on a planar transformer so that we can serve in a better way.

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    • Stephane Ngo Bui Hung

      Hi Praneeth,

      The main goal is to simulate the planar transformer (open circuit in secondary) in Q3D and export it in Circuit design in order to know the Impedance (|Z|) and the phase (knowing current and voltage accross the transformer)

      In Q3D, I have 2 Nets, Primary and Secondary. I assign Excitation in my primary (Source and Sink) and simulate (10 Hz to 100 MHz). 
      For the Inductance, I change my permeability material to a constant and it works. BUT, for the capacitance, the results seems low. The difference between my model and experiment is high. I don't know if I need to assign a floating net to the secondary as my experiment, I only measure |Z| of the primary with my secondary Open ? 




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