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Running Ansys Fluent 221 using SGE on Linux Cluster

    • Basharat Haider

      I want to run fluent 221 on linux under SGE load manager. 

      It seems, 221 version has some different configuration for SGE compared to 194 which is perfectly working.

      Using the same configuration or script file for 194, received error when submitting a fluent job using qsub i.e. qsub: command not found

      Later, I found -sge is deprecated then I used -scheduler=sge, using this option in my script, I did not get the previous error but this time fluent launches on a single cpu instead of parallel i.e. t1. Further, getting heap/memory allocation errors.

      I need help how to sort this out and to submit fluent 221 job on a linux cluster. 




    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Basharat,

      First, I would check that the version of Scheduler is supported along with the MPI version installed:
      Scheduler Support:

      MPI Support:

      Then, check Chapter 3 in the "Running Fluent using a Load Manager" Help documentation.

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