Quadrupole magnet coil heat transfer

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      I received a task to do a heat transfer analysis of a quadrupole magnet. It consists a magnet coil with a water flowing inside a circular hollow cooling the magnet. Please find here:


      the catia and .stp file showing the construction. Could you do it or show something similar? I have been watching many videos covering similar topics, but I found it very hard to implement in my case from my perspective. The biggest problem I have is with setting the boundaries, The magnet generates 0,95kW and the water inlet temperature is 298K and the ambient temperature is 293K.

      The problem is that I get all the errors regarding the solver and the divergence, actually I tried to do it in several different ways, but always no success.

      I have also been wondering if this could be done with the steady-state thermal workbench module.

      I would really appreciate any help.

      Thank you.
      Best regards,

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