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Query Regarding “Cannot Create Surface” Error in Fluent: Moving Referen

    • Paul Stephen

      Greetings ANSYS community,

      I hope this post finds you all in good health. I am relatively new to ANSYS Fluent and I've encountered an error message that has left me a bit puzzled. I'm reaching out here seeking guidance and insight into this issue, as it seems to be related to both sliding interfaces and moving reference frames.

      During my simulation in Fluent, a message appeared in the console window stating: "Cannot Create Surface from sliding interface zone, Create empty surface." As a newcomer to this problem, I'm eager to understand what this error message indicates and how it can be resolved.

      Interestingly, I came across a similar issue in one of the Ansys innovation course PDFs, but there's a slight difference. The problem in the PDF arose while performing the sliding mesh operation, whereas in my case, I am utilizing a moving reference frame. Could this be a factor contributing to the error?

      I would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences you can share regarding this error message. Has anyone else encountered it while working with a moving reference frame, or could you provide suggestions on troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue?

      Your expertise and assistance would be invaluable as I work to navigate and overcome this challenge. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences.

      Best regards,

      Paul Stephen

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, I think that is not an error message, but just a note. It shows up when you have interface zones in the case. Fluent tries to display the interface zones, but it cannot and hence this note. Don't worry about this and move ahead with your simulation.


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