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Question about ANSYS registration

    • putang2021

      Hi, I am Pu. I asked my school department for the  ANSYS software and  I received the account number. But when I went to the ansys customer portal and submitted customer registration, it showed that

      Based on your registration credentials it appears that you are an academic student.

      Please refer to the Student message found on the login page of the ANSYS Customer Portal.

      But that page only find free ANSYS student version. So what should I do in order to submit the customer request and download the offical version? Thank you.
    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Are you a full-time employee or student ?

      If you are a full-time employee (research or teaching professor, course lecturer, post-doctoral researcher, or IT administrator) of your school, you are eligible to register and get access to the ANSYS Customer Portal. If you encounter issue during registration (e.g., issue like what you mentioned above) , please reach out to your ANSYS Account Manager, so they can update your profile in our database accordingly.

      If you are a student and need installation packages, you must ask one of the full-time employees to get it from the Customer Portal for you.

      For any technical inquiries, please post them in their corresponding topics in this student community forum.

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